The summary and preview cut of episode 6 of TV Anime 『Kandagawa JET GIRLS』, 「The thing the two lack」, which will be broadcast on Nov. 19 (Tue), was released.

『Kandagawa JET GIRLS』 is a new multimedia development project underthe main producer, Takagi Kenichiro, who was in charge of 『Senran Kagura』 etc. It is a new type of entertainment depicting girls devoting their youth to jet racing with a bit of glamour.

Ziyu and Dina who had shown off their magnificent combination, defeated Rin and the others. In episode 6, in order to cheer up Rin who had realized the difference in their skills, Misa had invited her on a tour of Asakusa.

However, they bump into the Gal pair, Shirahashi Manatsu and Midorikawa Yuzu. Despite being aware that they are also jet racers, for some reason this encounter develops into a bowling and table tennis match in swimsuits!? The battle grows more intense when Jenifer and the others, who just happened to be there, join in!

TV Anime 『Kandagawa JET GIRLS』, episode 6 「The thing the two lack」 will be broadcast on Nov. 19, 2019 (Tue) on AT-X, TOKYO MX etc.