Pictures ofthe scenes from the final installment of the **Kaiji** live action film series, **Kaiji Final Game** (Jan. 10, 2020 Roadshow) have been released. Overwhelming “face presence” and impact is on display in these scenes.

The released scene photos take place at the story’s main settings, Teiai Group’s underground gambling spot, “Teiai Land”. Kaiji (performed by Fujiwara Tatsuya),Shimizu Nagisa performed by Kirino Kanako), and Hirose Minato (performed by Arata Matskenyu) appear petrified before the eerie beings that they encounter.

From cuts like Kaiji and Kurosaki Yoshihirooshiro (performed by Yoshida Koutarou) confronting each other with a staredown, Takskura Kousukera Sosuke (performed by Fukushi Sota) pinning Kaiji to the ground, and a shot of Kaiji blissfully enjoying a cold beer, one can be satisfied with the amount of “face presence” that has remarkably powered up from the previous works.

Additionally, shots of Kaiji and Kurosaki playing an original game invented by author Fukumoto Nobuyuki, “Final Judgement: Human Scale”, and the visage of Kurosaki raising both hands in the air to stir up the crowd, brings concern about the fate of Kaiji and friends.

Moreover, cuts of familiar faces in the live-action series, such as Otsuki Tarou (performed by Matsuo Suzuki), Sakazaki Kotarou (performed by Namase Katsuhisa), and Endo Yuji (performed by Amami Yuki), as well as new characters like Nishino Keiji (performed by Yamazaki Ikusaburo) and Kirino are also on display.

This debut of the wonderful and enthusiastic cast that makes up the world of **Kaiji Final Game** has created a ton of excitement.

**Kaiji Final Game** will be released on Jan. 10, 2020 at Toho theatres in Japan.

(C)Fukumoto Kodansha/2020 Movie 「Kaiji Final Game 」Production Committee