General e-book store 「BookLive!」has released 「Reader's choice, the best 100 new recommended manga in 2019」 for works that were delivered with at least Volume 1 from Jan 2019 to early Oct 2019 .
Glimmering on the 1st place is the story that illustrates a cinderella story between a handsome architect and an average dispatch girl,
『Uso Kon』, 2nd place goes to 『SPY×FAMILY』 while the third goes to 『Coffee & Vanilla black』

1st place 『Uso Kon』 is a story that illustrates how the protagonist, Yae, who is unemployed with 29 years of age without a house, is ordered to reunite with a first-class good-looking architect who is also her childhood friend, Takumi later then starting his “fake bride” life …
Comments from readers saying 「Erotic classmate love, it's sure to be exciting」, 「I envy having relationships with high-spec boys」, in addition to the cliché Cinderella story, it seems that the unpredictable erotic developments were the main reason for its popularity among readers.

In 2nd place, 『SPY×FAMILY』 depicts a tentative family's exhilarating home comedy while concealing of their each other identities,「It's not strange to tag it as gore but instead they tagged it as family」 「The way they function almost like a normal 『family』 is amazing!」. In the 3rd place, 『Coffee & Vanilla black』,「The older boyfriend's eroticness is splendid」 and 「There's too much love in it, even I feel blushy」 depicting a love live between President Akutsu and Natsuki, which is a spin-off for 『Coffee & Vanilla』.

4th place is 『Kimi ni Todoke Extra: The fated one』 where the main protagonist, "Kurumizawa Ume" is the ex-love rival of the 『Kimi ni Todoke』's main character In the 5th place, 『Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen』, depicting how the main character who changed jobs due to power harassment, is swung around by a natural boss at a new workplace.

Also in the top 10 were 『Ossan's Love』, 『A World Where Everything Definitely Becomes BL vs. The Man Who Definitely Doesn't Want To Be In A BL』, 『Love and Bullet』,『Eine kleine Nachtmusik』, 『Fruits Basket Another』.

In addition, the special page for 「Reader's choice, the best 100 new recommended manga in 2019」 will introduce the full detailed ranking such as works ranked 11th and below.

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<Ranking TOP10 Titles>
1st:『Uso Kon』(C)Tokina Kiui/Kodansha
2nd:『SPY×FAMILY』(C)Endo Tatsuya/Shueisha
3rd:『Coffee & Vanilla black』(C)Akegami Takara/Shogakukan
4th:『Kimi ni Todoke Extra:~The fated one~』(C)Shiina Karuho/Shueisha
5th:『Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen』(C)Ichikawa Dan(Akita Shoten)
6th:『Ossan's Love』(C)Yamanaka Umebachi・TV Drama「Ossan's Love」(Production:TV Asahi Screewriter:Koji Tokuo)/Kodansha
7th:『A World Where Everything Definitely Becomes BL vs. The Man Who Definitely Doesn't Want To Be In A BL』(C)Konkichi/Shodensha
8th:『Love and Bullet』(C)Mino Nozomi/Shogakukan
9th:『Eine kleine Nachtmusik』(C)Isaka Kotaro・Ikuemi Ryou/Gentosha Comics
10th:『Fruits Basket another』(C)Takaya Natsuki/Hakusensha

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