Tobita Nobuo was born on the 6th of November.

Tobita Nobuo started voice-acting in 1980s. He’s played a broad line-up of characters including adolescent youths, leaders, and even eccentric weirdos.
In 2019, he played Popuko in episode 14 of the TV special Pop Team Epic, and takes on an important role in BLACKFOX the movie which is currently in theaters.

At this time, Anime! Anime! celebrated Tobita Nobuo’s birthday by holding the readers’ quiz, “Who’s Your Favorite Character out of His Roles?”, which was open for voting from Oct. 23 to 30, and garnered 266 answers during that period.
20% of voters were male and the majority, 80%, female. The age brackets were 40% in their 20s and 30% in their 30s. All in all, a wide range of opinions were participating.

■ The Top: Public Safety Officer Kazami Yūya from “Conan”

The first place goes to Kazami Yūya from “Detective Conan”. Kazami is an agent from Public Safety Dept. He reports to Amuro Tōru aka. Fūya Rei, and appears in the movies “The Darkest Nightmare” and “Zero the Enforcer”.

Some of the comments offer an insight to why Fūya Rei’s capable supporting character’s so popular. “Fūya’s right hand, Officer Kazami. His deep voice brings out his capability and seriousness, I love it!” “When his boss works for the country, albeit he had his doubts, Kazami still spared no expense nor himself to watch his back.”
Others were impressed by the audibly humane acting. “He has many lukewarm lines, but thanks to Tobita-san’s acting he became a human and an attractive character.” “He’s what you’d call a cool hard-working guy caught up in the world of superhumans, you just gotta root for him…” Another comment added, “The original movie character just skyrocketed,” referring to his appearance in the main work.

The second place goes to Yamanami Keisuke from “Hakuōki”, supported by 10% of the voters.
The vice-commander of the Shinsengumi, Yamanami received these comments. “The most level-headed of the group. Tobita’s calm voice is favoring Yamanami’s smartness.” “He both has a suaveness and an iron heart, so I’d say Tobita complemented the character just right.” Another fan was gripped by Yamanami’s cruel fate: “He’s so good at acting out the madness. Tobita’s voice lets Yamanami’s emotions be heard in every single syllable, it just made my heart cry.”

The third place goes to Kamille Bidan from “Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam” with 9% of supportive voters.
“The emotionally unstable and sensitive Kamille wouldn’t happen without Tobita’s detailed expression power.” The naive boy’s role was well-acclaimed: “Though he has a brutal side to him, Kamille does what must be done, his personality is proper in a world of dirty adults, and that’s pretty cool. He pulls through all sorts of things and grows to be a new-type warrior who fights with his heart on his sleeve, which echoed deep in me.”
There seemed to be many fans surprised by the staggering change of personality, as well. “The actor’s skill to show a progressive mental break was awesome. He was just speaking in a normal tone, but something felt breaking more and more, irreversibly, that sort of feeling. I had goosebumps.”

■The Rest of the Comments!

Akabane Kuroudo from “GetBackers”: “The surreal setting of a mover with a taste for murder and Tobita’s unique relaxed lilt combined well to make a character with a huge presence. Polite manners that make you feel weirdly cold and send shivers down your spine — you won’t forget that voice after hearing it once.”

Water Guardian Lumiale from “Koi suru Tenshi Angelique” got, “A sexless boy-like immaturity goes together with the experienced opinions of old age in this complicated character, who was so well-played,” and, “An awesome play of voice, seeping with anxiety, concern. I don’t have another character that would amaze me so much.”

The Putaway Man from “Bonobono” had, “Many say they lost their sleep to this character, but it’s the surrealism of him that gives a lasting impression,” and even, “I actually wanted to be put away while being talked to in a soothingly kind voice, so I was looking at the scared Bonobono being all jealous.”

Skipper from “Penguins of Madagascar”, a flukey character from a Western cartoon, was also praised. “The leader of a spec-op team of penguins. He’s strict to his subordinates, but when he pampers, he PAMPERS. Tobita made that work, playing a stern sarge and a caring uncle with the same skill, and making that the attractive part. I’d like a commander like that!”

In this quiz, very different characters between 1980s and 2010s have been gathered, from protagonists like Kamille to memorable subcharacters and enemies even.

■The Top 20
“Who’s Your Favorite Character Out of Tobita Nobuo’s Roles?”
#1: Kazami Yūya, “Detective Conan”
#2: Yamanami Keisuke, “Hakuōki”
#3: Kamille Bidan, “Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam”
#4: Akabane Kuroudo, “GetBackers”
#5: Water Guardian Lamiale, “Koi suru Tenshi Angelique”
#6: The Major, “Hellsing”
#7: Maruo Sueo, “Chibi Maruko-chan”
#7: Wakashimadzu Ken, “Captain Tsubasa”
#9: Dayōn “Osomatsu-san”
#9: Skipper, “Penguins of Madagascar”
#11: The Putaway Man, “Bonobono”
#12: Albert Heinrich (004), “Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier”
#13: Aoi, “Goldfish Warning!”
#13: Chef Kawasaki, “Kirby: Right Back at Ya!”
#13: Buredoran of the Comet, “Tensō Sentai Goseiger”
#13: Tanaka Hajime, “Cooking Papa”

(Quiz period: from Oct. 23 to Oct 30 2019)