One of the Japan’s largest cosplay events “Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Festival 2019”,opened up on October 26th. The event takes place in the Ikebukuro East Exit area in Tokyo, with more than 20,000 cosplayers participating every year,

In the opening ceremony, blessed with fine weather, Mayor of Toshima, Mr. Takano Yukio, cosplayed as the main character of “ONE PIECE”, Monkey D. Luffy.

In addition, popular cosplayers from Japan, China and Korea are gathered including Enako-san who is Japan’s leading cosplayer and ambassador for the event, 622-san from China and KiYui-san from Korea. Enako-san talked about the charm of the event said, “It is not a closed space, but an open space where you can enter the stores in your costume is attractive.”

In Chine and Korea, there are many cosplays of Japanese anime where you can watch Japanese animes in real time through video distribution, said 622-san and KiYui-san.

And the person attracted the attention of press the most was the former TBS announcer Ugaki Misato , who cosplayed the original character of the makeup brand “KATE” exhibited at the event, Yu-san, and Thistle-san, who are popular cosplayers. Ms. Ugaki was surprised by the excitement of the venue and commented, “I think it ’s a very lively space.”

This year, Nakaikebukuro Park was newly added as a cosplay area, making it the largest ever. In addition, the events like
the DJ event “Hello DJ Party”, the cosplay fans exchange event “ Hello Tea Party”, the “Coscheki Land” where you can take 2 shots with cosplayers, and the limited accommodation plan that collaborates with Sunshine City Prince Hotel. Various plans such as “Hello Sweet Princess Plan” are going on.