From 「One Piece」, the former 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates who had escaped from the verge of death, "Macro the Phoenix" will have a figure under the P.O.P One Piece series. It is now availableforpre-order in Premium Bandai and others.

This product took the appearance of Macro who, is continuously protecting his father home village, "The Kind Village", Sphinx as a ship doctor and the recreation is exactly the same as his image in the anime by making using of the high quality modelling and colorings

It is possible to change his right hand to the "Regeneration Flame" state or the normal state. Moreover, since the red glassesthat matches perfectly with his kind smiling face can be taken off, you can enjoy Macro with your own favorite combination.

「Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece “LIMITED EDITION” The ship's doctor, Macro」 is priced at 12,100 JPY (tax included). It is now availablefor pre-order in Premium Bandai website and others and the product will bebe releasedaroundMay, 2020.

「Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece “LIMITED EDITION” The ship's doctor, Macro」

(C)Oda Eiichirou/ Shueisha・Fuji TV・Toei Animation