Popular boys-love manga 『 **The World's Greatest First Love** 』 gets a new anime adaptation with 『 **The World's Greatest First Love ~Proposal Arc~** 』as its title. Visuals of Onodera Ritsu and Masamune Takano was also released as an addition.

『 **The World's Greatest First Love** 』is a massively popular boys-love manga drawn by Nakamura Shungiku. The story is set in a shoujo manga editorial department. The story follows an overly domineering chief editor and a newbie editor who hates to lose, through various moments of hardship and joy, and the theme of first love.
The first season of the TV anime was first broadcasted back in April 2011 while the second season was in October 2011 with Kondou Takashi as Onodera Ritsu and Konishi Katsuyuki as Takano Masamune.
『 **The World's Greatest First love ~Proposal Arc~** 』gets a new anime adaptation to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Emerald Magazine. Original celebration illustrations drawn by the author Nakamura Shungiku is currently published on the official website.

(C)Nakamura Shungiku/KADOKAWA/The World's Greatest Club!!