Oct. 23 is Uemura Yuuto’s birthday.

Uemura Yuuto debuted as a voice actor following his role as a child actor. In 2019, he appeared in works such as 「Vinland Saga」 and 「Ahiru no Sora」. In 2017, he formed the voice actor unit SparQlew. Not only did he have a major debut In Jan. 1, 2019, he also played the leading role in the drama *「Super Tuner / Inokikan」.

Here on Anime!Anime!, we’ve conducted a “who’s your favorite character role” reader’s survey to add to the birthday festivities of Uemura Yuto.
We have received responses from 466 people throughout the survey period from Oct. 9 to Oct. 16. As for the ratio of male and female responses, the majority were female, with 5 percent being male, and 95 percent being female. As for the age groups of participants, most were young, with 50 percent below 19 years old, and 30 percent in their 20’s.

■ At the top is the 「Bungo Stray Dogs」 protagonist Nakajima Atsushi, taking several rankings!
In 1st place is Nakajima Atsushi from 「Bungo Stray Dogs」. The approval rating of this character was approximately 37 percent. Comments were sent in, such as “I love him because Yuuto’s gentle voice matches with Atsushi’s considerate personality” and “he authentically portrays a tireless and straight Nakajima who carries a dark past."
As the popular series already has 3 seasons of production, there were also opinions that the actor overlaps with the role he plays: “I could empathize with the link between the protagonist’s strong growth and Uemura Yuuto’s step up as a voice actor.” “Atsushi and Uemura grow together through this work and I think they are inseparable."

In 2nd place is Kazuna Masunaga from the 「B-Project」 series. The approval rating was approximately 20 percent. As a member of the idol unit MooNs, Kazuna Masunaga has a caring personality, with comments such as “Though he says he’s not a leader, he likes to organize a strong team." Both his delicateness and the comments he receive as a character: “Being a very caring person, he is like a mother to MooNs. But he occasionally shows his darker side and gaps in his personality, so I think he is a very charming character” make him a very unique character.

In 3rd place is Sakuragi Hinata from the 「Yumeiro Cast」 series. The approval rating was approximately 19 percent.
Former prodigy child actor Sakuragi Hinata is a character that wears several faces. “The serious Hina-kun who contradicts his sweet appearance. His adult-like expressions makes one’s heart throb while he makes childish remarks. The delicate boundary of emotions of an adult and a child is performed to an exquisite balance.” “As a cast member of a musical group, his acting ‘acting’ was quite impressive”. Although 「Yumeiro Cast」 has already ended its app service, it seems that it's boasting of high popularity.

■ Other comments from readers!!
Marumiya Minato from 「Tsurune – Kyumai High School Kyudo Club -」: “Yuuto’s voice really suits the slightly awkward Minato-kun, I thought there was nobody who could match him!."
Yuliy from 「Sirius the Jaeger」: “Monologuing, screaming, crying, a role jam-packed with things that Uemura is good at. It’s impressive as the character comes with both strength and risk that is not left to the judgement of others."

Jyugo from 「Nanbaka」: “In Uemura’s acting, I love his masculine voice performed for Jyugo, character who has an unusual, rough personality."
Thorfinn from 「Vinland Saga」: “I didn’t even think that it was Uemura’s normal voice, the low voice used when he’s about to instantly kill someone is so cool!."There were also many votes to this protagonist so his performance in various roles was reconfirmed in a survey.

■ Overall Rankings
“Who’s your favorite character acted by Uemura Yuuto?”
1st Place: Nakajima Atsushi「Bungo Stray Dogs」
2nd Place: Kazuna Masunaga 「B-Project」
3rd Place: Sakuragi Hinata 「Yumeiro Cast」
4th Place: Totsuka Tsukito 「Kamigami no Asobi」 (「Ludere Deorum」)
5th Place: Marumiya Minato 「Tsurune -Kyumai High School Kyudo Club-」
6th Place: Hiro 「DARLING in the FRANXX」
6th Place: Miwa Tomoe 「On Air!」
8th Place: Jyugo 「Nanbaka」
9th Place: Yuliy from 「Sirius the Jaeger」
10th Place: Amajiki Tamaki 「Boku no Hero Academia」 (「My Hero Academia」)
11th Place: Leon Stephanotis 「Violet Evergarden」
12th Place: Thorfinn 「Vinland Saga」
13th Place: Igarashi Nozomu 「Aikatsu Stars!」
14th Place: Gamo Kensuke 「Super Tuner / Inokikan」
14th Place: Joji(Kizuki Joujirou) 「Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru」 (「Run with the Wind」)

(Survey period: Oct. 9, 2019~Oct. 16, 2019)