From “Kinnikuman”, Neptuneman has become 3D figure in two poses, the one is his signature pose which push his finger toward the sky(Number 1 Finger ver.) and another is with cloak dynamically fluttering(Cape ver.). It have announced that the figure will be released from “SpiceSeed”.This product is available in two types, “Number 1 finger ver.” and “Cape ver.” Two different coloring: original color and anime color is available for each version.

“Number 1 finger ver.” replicated signature pose pushing his right index finger in the sky and “cape ver.” reproduced his appearance in a cape dynamically with 3D. Being particular about details such as his penetration from Robin Maskman’s mask with magnetic specification.

Neptuneman figure is available for pre-order on the SpiceSeed official website, with a cape ver. 79,800 yen ( tax not included) and the number 1 finger ver. 69,800 yen (tax not included).

(C) Yudetamago, Toei animation