A figure of a fully armoured Warsman standing upon a snowy mountian was announced which initally appeared onwas the frontispiece of ‘Kinnikuman’ suddenly, Dispute for the Planet Kinniku Throne [Runaway Bikeman]. Reservation will be accepted from August 31st 2019.

A new work by Kinnikuman figure maker ‘SpiceSeed’ put the Phantom Warsman in third dimension as “Warsman Missle Spike ver.”. This product cannot be missed by Warsman fans. Finished with items which power that can only be experienced with this figure.
“Warsman Missile Spike ver.” price is 59,800 yen (+ tax) and reservations will begin on 31st of August 2019.

Warsman Missile Spike ver.
Specifications / Pre-painted finished product
Material / Resin Cast
Size / Approximately 25.5cm in height
Product contents / Warsman Missile Spike ver., a dedicated pedestal
Price / 59,800 yen (excluding tax)