In conjunction with its Special 30th Anniversary Project, the complete animation series of Mado King Granzort with 41 episodes will be distributed on YouTube for free in a limited time. The episodes will be distributed sequentially starting from 27th of September in 2019.

The animation Mado King Granzort is a story of magic and adventure presented by Shuji Iuchi in collaboration with Studio Live and Sunrise.

Setting in a future world on Moon with the presence of gravity and air, Mado King Granzort is a story about the fighting journey of a boy named Daichi who summons Granzort, a giant robot called Madou King, together with boys and girls from the Long-Ears race who havewith ears like a rabbitrabbit.

The animation series, Mado King Granzort’s free distribution will start sequentially from 27th of September in 2019, on Sunrise’s YouTube Channel.