The TV anime “Kimagure Orange ★ Road”, which gained popularity in the 1980s, will be broadcast From September 23,
8 episodes out of 48 episodes will be broadcast every week on the Internet TV station “AbemaTV”.

“Kimagure Orange★ Road” is based on the same-name manga by Matsumoto Izumi, serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. A love comedy depicting the triangular relationship between the main character Kasuga Kyousuke who is the eldest son in a super natural family , and the female leads Ayukawa Madoka and Hiyama Hikaru.
We can say a story with indecisive protagonists swinging among beautiful girls is a Royal road of love comedy. The story gained popurarity in 80s and is still popular even now .
“Kimagure Orange★ Road” has been handed down as a masterpiece even after about 30 years since itsthe first broadcast.

AbemaTV’s “Minna no Anime 2 Channel” will distribute the episode sall at once. InitiallyAtfirst, from 13:00 on September 23, the first episode to the eighth one will be distributed.
From thenSince then, 8 episodes will be distributed every Monday from 23:00 and you can enjoy all 48 episodes.