TV Anime 『Tamayomi』 (Planned for broadcast in 2020)'s cast for the main 11 characters were released with Kaori Maeda voicing the main protagonist, Yomi Takeda, along with commentaries from each of the casts. In addition, the setting animation designs was also unveiled as well.

『Tamayomi』 is a youthful female baseball story by Mountain Pukuichi currently serialized in 「Manga Time Kirara Forward」. The story follows Yomi Takeda who can pitch sharp balls that can curve greatly making it her weapon, reuniting with her childhood friend Tamaki Yamazaki and others after enrolling into Shikoshigaya high school, together they've revived the baseball club and aims for the top at the nationals.

Among the casts revealed this time, it has been decided that the protagonist, Yomi Takeda , is to be voiced by Kaori Maeda, the catcher, Tamaki Yamazaki who is teaming up with Yomi Takeda is to be voiced by Amano Tomomi.
For the Shikoshigaya High Nine, Noguchi Ruriko will be voicing Nozomi Takamura. Additonal cast will include; Marie Hashimoto as Sumire Fujita, Airi Eino as Risa Fujiwara, Rina Kitagawa as Ryou Kawasaki, Miyu Tomita as Ibuki Kawaguchi, Yume Miyamoto as Rei Okada and Rina Honnizumi as Shiragiku Omura.
As well as, Nao Shiraki as the manager, Yoshino Kawaguchi, and Haruka Hoshimura as the advisor and director, Kyoka Fuji.

TV Anime 『Tamayomi』 will begin broadcast in spring 2020.

<Below contains the full commentary>
【Kaori Maeda】

She's bright, strong and cute, to be able to voice such a wonderful girl is like a dream! I would like to pitch balls together with Yomi and her friends whole-heartedly! It's also my first time to be given the protagonist role, so there might be certain things that I'm not familiar with, but I'll try my best to liven things up in『Tamayomi』!

【Satomi Amano】

Never thought someone who doesn't normally go out much like me would be pulled into such a heated sports anime…! It's also the first time for me to have a role right from the first episode so I'm feeling very nervous. I would like to perform by cherishing thoughts of my relationship with my allies and on baseball. Looking forward to working together!

【Noguchi Ruriko】

When I was given the opportunity to read the original work, I was greatly moved by not only the cuteness of the characters, also the story of their passion and determination while playing baseball as well. This time, I will be voicing Nozomi using a hakata dialect, and I'll try my best to convey the determination and the wonderfulness of the work itself to everyone! Looking forward to work with you all.

【Marie Hashimoto】

Because it's almost the first time I'm voicing for an anime, after receiving a call from my manager, I was confused to the point that I thought is this really reality…? Or a prank maybe…? (Laughs)though it's my favorite baseball work so I'm getting really excited! I'm feeling extremely nervous but I'll try to have fun with the other Nines.

【Airi Eino】

I've always been a big fan of baseball so when I heard i will be involved in Tamayomi, I felt really happy and lucky. Girls seriously playing baseball is cute but above all the work itself which shines brighter than everything else. I will try my best in voicing so to share the wonderful perspective of this world to everyone. Looking forward to work with you!

【Rina Kitagawa】

I am honestly really happy to be able to play such a naturally gorgeous girl named Ryou. I used to admire baseball so I'm really proud to be able to be involved this time. I would like to convey the realism of playing baseball with just my voice!!

【Miyu Tomita】

I'm a beginner when it comes to baseball just like Ibuki, so Im getting really excited to be able to get involved in baseball even more. I would try my best to convey Ibuki's tsukkomi and stopper role in Shikoshigaya, I would be glad if everyone would not only admire their cuteness, but their passionate feelings and youthfulness when playing baseball.

【Yume Miyamoto】

To be able to scold such cute girls(!?) I'm really glad to be given the role of the captain Rei Okada! Through this work, I hope everyone can enjoy 「I'm not just cute, I'm passionate!」 「I'm not only moe but also a passionte youth!」 Shinkoshigaya members!

【Rina Honnizumi】

I personally love sports and it's also my first time to be involved in something sport-related, so I was really glad when i decided to join. I would try my best to convey Shiragiku and her friends passionate youths and charms while they're having fun!

【Nao Shiraki】

I remember how strongly I felt about wanting to get accepted during audition. I was so sure I've failed to get accepted, so when the results are out, I was shocked and had tears running down my face as I'm a real crybaby. I will do my best voicing as Yoshino during the summer in Shinkoshigaya, looking forward to working with you all!

【Haruka Hoshimura】

It's my first time voicing an advisor and director role so I'm getting really excited! i will do my best in voicing the important role of Fuji-sensei, carefully guiding and analyzing the game from a different perspective than the players.

(C)Mountain Pukuichi・Houbunsha/Shinkoshigaya High School Girl's Baseball Club