TV Anime『Azur Lane』will begin broadcast from October 3rd 2019. A preview video was released as well. It was announced that the main opening theme will be by May’n and the main ending theme will be handled by Kano, commentary from May’n had also arrived.

『Azur Lane』’s source material is a smartphone game with over 6 million players where players foster and organize girls who impersonated ships all over the world.
The setting of the story is set in a blue planet unbeknown to us where 71% of the surface is covered with water. The girls in「Azur Lane」are tasked with the sole mission of fighting off mysterious enemies that came from the outside world known as「Siren」. However, just as mankind fought for dominance of the sea, 「Azur Lane」 and 「Red Axis」 conflicted due to a difference in philosophy.
The situation is dire, no one knows what kind of fate awaits the girls yet …

The preview released this time depicts the story where the girls from 「Azur Lane」after fighting off the visitors from the outside world they are confronted by the 「Red Axis」 due to the difference in philosophy.

What will the ships from both the Azur Lane and Red Axis faction find at the end of the battle after countless bloodshed and emotional confrontations?

The main opening theme for the work was decided to be 「graphite/diamond」by May’n, while the ending theme will be「Light of a Signpost」by Kano.

The main opening theme「graphite/diamond」was used in one of the scenes within the preview, a preview video for the theme song was released as well. May’n commented on the main theme「To let the fans feel the strong beliefs of the Azur Lane characters and a strong wind pushing against your back」.

In addition to the character song series that has already been released, a buddy character song series sung by multiple characters will also be released. The single will include a mini-drama part along with the songs from each of the buddies. A serial code that can be used in the original game is also included as a first production limited exclusive.

TV Anime『Azur Lane』will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, BS11 and AT-X from Thursday, October 3rd.

<Below contains the full commentary>

―「I don’t want to lose, but I don’t want to hurt」
I was able to sung out the intensity of an epic battle along with somewhat intrusive kindness.
It’ won’t change. It can’t be changed. No choice but to move forward.
To let the fans feel the strong beliefs of the Azur Lane characters and a strong wind pushing against your back.

TV Anime『Azur Lane』broadcast will begin on October 3rd(Thu)!
・TOKYO MX:Every week from October 3rd(Thu) 23:30~
・Sun TV:Every week from October 3rd(Thu) 25:30~
・KBS Kyoto:Every week from October 3rd(Thu) 25:30~
・BS11:Every week from October 3rd(Thu) 23:30~
・AT-X:Every week from October 4th(Fri) 22:00~
 ※Repeat broadcasting Every week (Mon) 14: 00 ~ / Every week (Thu) 6: 00 ~
※Broadcast date and time are subject to change.
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