「Masked Rider Kuuga」was designed into a creature-like form by Ryuu Oyama who is known for designing such figures. 「S.I.C.Colosseum Special Booklet」 is packed with design sketches as well as prototype production processes and will be available as initial purchase exclusives.

The product 「S.I.C. Masked Rider Kuuga Mighty Form」is a organic creature-like replication of「Masked Rider Kuuga」designed by Ryuu Oyama. Including the armor and antennas reminiscent of crustaceans and insects, along with the a spine that felt like it had just evolved from the human body, turning it into a lifelike character overflowing with realism as a result.

Based on its "flame manipulation" Mighty Form setting, the flame manipulating appearance was incorporated into the figure itself. Furthermore, the familiar S.I.C series pedestal was adopted from an enemy character which was a masked rider that had been turned into an Oma beast「Go-Badaa-Ba」. Customers can enjoy replicating their favorite situation with its wide range of motion, replacement parts for the jaw, etc.

「S.I.C. Masked Rider Kuuga Mighty Form」will be available for sale from January 2020. Priced at ¥13,20013,200¥(10% Tax Included)
In addition, 「S.I.C. Coliseum Special Booklet」 is set as a first-time purchase exclusive when making a pre-order on the Internet or general store.

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