To celebrate the 15 years after airing anniversary, the infamous 4th Heisei Masked Rider 「Masked Rider Faiz」from『Masked Rider 555』gets a brand new figure with an estimated overall height of 300mm. Currently available for pre-order from Premium Bandai.

The item「Ultimate Article Masked Rider Faiz」 appeared as the massively popular "UA Series" . Featuring a big scale with an estimated overall height of 300mm, along with precisely replicated design details giving off an overwhelming presence.

Also equipped with a LED light display gimmick, which is a feature of Faiz. With switch ON1, activates the head's Ultimate Finder and right leg's Photon Stream, switching to ON2 fluid energy "Photon Blood" of right leg to relay light emission from lower back to the foot sequentially. The standby state「Exceed Charge」before the finishing move「Crimson Smash」can also be replicated.

「Ultimate Article Masked Rider Faiz」is currently available for pre-order from Premium Bandai. Scheduled to be shipped in March 2020, priced at 30,800¥ (Tax Included).

Ultimate Article Masked Rider Faiz
Set Price:30,800¥ (Tax Included)
Points Earning:308P
Shipment Date:Scheduled for release in March 2020

【Set Description】
・Complete with full coloring
・Dedicated stand
・Pedestal seal(2Types)as an addition
※LED Built-in Gimmick(Head part Ultimate Finder emitting light、Right leg Photon Blood relay light)
※AAA batteries×3(Sold separately)
【Product Materials】
Figure Body:PVC・ABS
【Target Age】
15 Years and above
【Product Size】
Overall height of 300mm
【Made in】
【Order Limit】
3 per person
※Can only be purchased One item per order. When purchasing three would require three line of procedures.
【Product Instructions】
Only limited at Megatreshop、Premium Bandai、Amiami、Digitamin、Volks、Yellow Submarine(Excluding some shops)
※Not available in any other average store.
【Product Name】
Masked Rider 555
【Selling Agency】
Megahouse Co., Ltd

※The product displayed in the photo was still under development.
Please note that design and specifications are subjected to changes.
※This product cannot be purchased along with other products at the same time.
※Any cancellations after the order will not be accepted.
※Date of shipment may be subject to changes. Please be aware.
※This product is reproduced in a limited quantity. Pre-order will end after the production amount has been reached.
※In the case of a large number of requests, we may change the delivery time and customers may need to place an order again.
※This product is not available for sale to any foreign lands.

(C)Ishimori Production・Toei