TV Anime『Assassins Pride』is scheduled to air from October 10th 2019. A main visual featuring the main character Kufa and heroine Melida was released along with the announcement of character voice castings in the 2nd preview.

『Assassins Pride』is a light novel series by Kei Amagi currently published bu Fantasia Bunko.
The story is set in a world where only nobles can wield abilities called Mana, they bear the responsibility of protecting humans because of that. Within that world exists a ability wielder born from a duke’s family named Kufa Vampir, he was assigned to tutor a powerless young girl named Melida Angel and was also given the mission「To assassinate her if she remains powerless」. In a society where abilities means everything, will Melida’s efforts bear results , or will Kufa make a cruel decision….

The main visual announced centers around the main protagonist Kufa Vampir and the heroine Melida Angel in a battle scenario.
Furthermore, the 2nd PV reveals a scene where Melida successfully releases her Mana along with the announcement of the casts for Elise and Rosetti. The main Opening music called 「Share the light」by Run Girls, Run! that accompanies the battle scene is also worth noting.

TV Anime『Assassins Pride』will begin broadcasting from October 10th 2019 on TOKYO MX、Sun TV、BS Japan TV and AT-X

■Broadcast Information
Broadcasting will begin from October 10th!
TOKYO MX  Every Thursday 24:00~
Sun TV Every Thursday 24:30~
BS Japan TV Every Thursday 25:00~
AT-X Every Thursday 23:30~ ※Repeating broadcasts available

Kufa Vampir Yuuki Ono(小野友樹)
Melida Angel Tomori Kusunoki(楠木ともり)
Elise Angel Yui Ishikawa(石川由依)
Rosetta Pricket Marina Yabuuchi(薮内満里奈)
Nerva Matillo Ayane Sakura(佐倉綾音)
Mule la Mor Maaya Uchida(内田真礼)
Salacha Schicksal Azumi Waki(和氣あずみ)       

(C)2019 Kei Amagi・Ninomotonino/KADOKAWA Co., Ltd/Assassins Pride Production Committee