It's been revealed that “PROMARE Sound Loud Film Festival" will be held to screen the movie **PROMARE**. It will be held at MOVIX Sakai in Sakai, Osaka, and the schedule is limited to 2 days on Sep. 21 and 22.

This movie is the first completely original theatrical animation by director Imaishi Hiroyuki and screenwriter Nakajima Kazuki who directed and wrote TV anime **Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann** and **Kill La Kill**. The activity of a new firefighter, Garo, who belongs to the fire department, was expressed by non-standard passion, speed, and innovative screen images.

The “Sound Loud Screening” determined to be conducted this time is an attempt to watch and listen to a movie in a loud sound using a sound system for a concert instead of the usual sound for a movie. There are also some faint sounds that you won't hear unless they are loud, and the content may look different from the usual screening.

**PROMARE** sound loud screening that is “PROMARE Sound Loud Film Festival" will be held at MOVIX Sakai on Sep. 21 and 22. A “sound loud cheering screening” is also scheduled for the two days which the V8J screaming screening team will go on stage.

"PROMARE Sound Loud Film Festival"
Title: PROMARE Sound Loud Film Festival
Venue: MOVIX Sakai (Sakaihama Entame Kannai, Sakaihama Seaside Stage, 11, Chikkoyawatamachi, Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka
TEL: 050-6864-7093)
Duration:Sep. 21 (Sat), 22 (Sun), 2019 <2 days limited>
Contents:**PROMARE** sound loud screening
-All screens will be shown with the "Garo" episode and the "Rio" episode.-
Fee:2000 yen (tax included) for the sound loud screening, 2200 yen (tax included) for the sound loud cheering screening
On the MOVIX Sakai website:From Wednesday, Sep. 4 10:00 pm
At the MOVIX Sakai theater window:From Thursday, Sep. 5, theater opening hours (Except only when there are remaining seats each time)
(C) TRIGGER / Nakajima Kazuki / XFLAG