Ryo Fujihara, the character designer for “A3!”, started a project called “Gakugeidai Junes,” with the concept of “flipping between 2 and 3D”. The music video for their first single “Junes” has also been released.

“Gakugeidai Junes” is a boys’ vocal group made up of Yuuto Aizawa, Yousuke Hoshino, Yuuki Minami, Masaki Uchida, and Ren Nakagawa, who were chosen through a strict audition process. The members live in a dorm together as they went through a long, tough training period. In the spring of 2019, they were finally signed to the entertainment agency, VOYZ ENTERTAINMENT. This fall, their debut single, “JUNES”, will be released.

The main visual released by VOYZ ENTERTAINMENT announced that two of the five members will also be introduced as VOYZ BOY, a group in the same agency, which has become a hot topic among women who like handsome characters. For their 3D activities, their official faces and appearances haven’t been revealed, but they are performing guerrilla lives around Tokyo.

The music video for their debut single, “JUNES”, introduces each idol.
The lyrics, melody, and arrangement were all done by R.O.N., known for being part of STUDIO DIVE FOUNDATION, which goes along with the project’s desire to have songs offered by famous anime soundtrack creators and artists. They will also collaborate with the mobile battery charging service, ChargeSPOT.

Gakugeidai Junes plans to release a smartphone app as well.
We need to keep an eye on their future activities, including their second single.