TV Tokyo 6 station network will soon begin the segment "Pre-school Time" where they broadcast educational anime for kids. 『GO!GO! Astro』and『Egg Car』will begin broadcast tarting from October 3rd, Thursday weekly, from 17:55 till 18:25.

『GO!GO! Astro』is a comedy and action series with a theme about saving the environment, a show aimed towards kids with lower grades.
The story features a team with a highly intelligent AI robot that looks just like a human boy, Astro, a genius girl, Suzu and a robot kitten, Atonyan called "Team Atom", they join forces together in order to solve all kinds of environmental problems on earth. Professor Ochanomizu who is Suzu's grandfather will also make an appearance. They will sometimes go through tough times like fighthing with each other, failing at something, understanding the natural mechanism of completing missions and and discovering the variety of lives.

『Egg Car』 is currently being broadcasted in China, a show created through stop motion graphics filled with musical scenes and dances made just for kids.
Egg Car follows a naughty boy named Dash who set out on an adventure to search for an elemental jewel that contains mysterious powers together with a clumsy hedgehog called Click he met on his journey. With other characters such as Aera who is searching for heroes while another is searching for things that are beautiful named Girara, together they go on a journey to search for the elemental jewel in order to bring world peace.

TV Tokyo station 6 network will begin broadcasting 『GO!GO! Astro』and『Egg Car』every Thursday during 17:55 to 18:25 also known as the 「Pre-school Time」, starting from October 3rd.

<Below contains the full commnetary>

【Astro Role: Romi Park】
When I first heard about it I immediately responded「That Astro?! Please let me do it!」 (Laughs). Not only that, the designs… his body and head are both very cute, I can't wait to perform right now.
Of course, knowing this is a legendary work and the characters have been loved by fans for over half a century, it honestly gives a sort of 「scary」 feeling.
But to bear that history and pressure is part of the adventure itself. With that feeling in mind, I would like to play Astro fully with my heart… at least that's what i think. I would also like to pass on Astro's charm to those that adore and love him. Let's go on a adventure everyone!

【『Egg Car』 Director: Akira Iwamoto】
To set a theme like 「There are many difficult things in the world 、but sometimes I feel cheerful and energetic, enjoying every day happily!」may be old-fashioned but its certainly a important thing.
To teach our future generation of kids to have and maintain that kind of mindset is the reason why i drew Dash, Click and his friends. Please watch it together with your parents!

「Pre-school Time」
【Broadcast Schedule】
From 17:55 till 18:25, October 3rd (Thurs)
※the sequence of airing will run as follow『Egg Car』→『GO!GO! Astro』all in Japanese.
TV Tokyo 6 stations (TV Tokyo, TV Hokkaido, TV Aichi, TV Osaka, TV Setouchi, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting)
『GO!GO! Astro』……Romi Park, Kanae Oki, Mayuka Nomura, Youhei Tadano
『Egg Car』……Mutsumi Tamura, Yuki Uchiyama, Yuri Komagata, Hiroyuki Kagura
(C)Tezuka Productions/Planet Nemo Animation
(C)CPM/EGG CAR Film Partnership