The airing of a new 『Pokemon』anime series has been announced. A teaser video featuring every region's representative pokemons was also revealed.

Speaking of the anime series 『Pokemon』, the title changes everytime a new game comes out, but for this new series, it follows the same title as the first anime series aired back in 1997 『Pokemon』.

As described in the title, the new story features the Galak region from the latest game『Pokemon Sword and Shield』, the Kanto region from『Pokemon Red and Blue』, the Johto region『Pokemon Gold and Silver』 and every other region featured in the games will be included.
And but of course, various pokemons that inhabits each region will be appearing as well.

Further detailed information regarding the new『Pokemon』TV anime series will be announced on the 29th of September on the TV anime series 『Pokemon Sun and Moon』 currently being broadcasted by TV Tokyo.

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