The synopsis with screenshots of episode 9 from TV anime “Magical Sempai” has been announced.

Anime “Magical Sempai” is an adaption from the original manga by Azu with the same title which is currently serialized on Kodansha “Young Magazine”.

It is a comedy to depict everyday life of “Magical Sempai” who has failed atmagic before as she gets a bad case of stage fright although she really loves magic, the protagonist “Assistant” who is forced to join the magic club, “Saki-chan” and “Ma-kun” who are street performance brother and sister and “Madara-san” from the chemistry club.

In episode 9, there are 4 short stories which are, ”Bias Sempai” for everyone’s secret for 1st, Trapped into her own gambit “Make up exam Sempai” for 2nd, “Icecream Sempai” who is not supposed to eat icecream for 3rd and Assitant and Ma-kun try to accomplish the Mission Skimpy Swimwear in “Swimwear Sempai” in the 4th.

TV anime “Magical Sempai” episode 9 is going to be broadcasted from 27th of August(Tue) by Tokyo MX, MBX, BS Japan Television and AT-X.