“ONE PIECE ODYSSEY,” a game commemorating the 25th anniversary of the “ONE PIECE” comic series, will be available for PlayStation4/PlayStation5/Xbox SeriesX|S trial version from January 10, 2023.
The official website also released the latest trailer including information on the memorable locations “Marineford” and “Dressrosa” and announced the collaboration with four “ONE PIECE” game titles.

“ONE PIECE ODYSSEY” is an RPG for PlayStation4/PlayStation5/Xbox Series X|S/STEAM that focuses on the concept of “discovering the world of ONE PIECE.”
Players could immerse themselves in the new adventure of the Straw Hat Pirates, who was swallowed by a great storm during their voyage and ends up on the mysterious island of “Waford,” a nature-filled island surrounded by storms.

A demo version of the game will be available from January 10, 2023. The story begins with a drifting to “Waford” and the encounter with Lim, a mysterious “pirate-hating” girl who lives there, and Adio, an adventurer who is also a drifter that takes on the role of a guide.

In addition, “Full Memory Trailer,” the latest trailer of the RPG which includes information on “Marineford” and “Dressrosa,” has been released. Guided by the “Cube,” the pirates arrive at the land of memories. After passing through Arabasta and Water 7, their next destination is “that unforgettable place.” What awaits them there?
Expectations are high for a nostalgic yet new “new adventure” for the Straw Hat Pirates, who have grown up over the past two years.

Moreover, a limited-time collaboration between the RPG and four “ONE PIECE” game titles including “ONE PIECE Bounty Rush,” “ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise,” “ONE PIECE Grand Collection,” and “ONE PIECE Thousand Storm” was announced. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the original characters of “ODYSSEY” series in each game.

“ONE PIECE ODYSSEY,” the RPG for “ONE PIECE,” will be released on January 12, 2023. As for STEAM, the game will be released on January 13.

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