“AI no Idenshi”, a manga that depicts the world where humans and AIs coexist, will receive a TV anime adaptation. The 1st key visual and PV have been unveiled. For the cast members, it has been announced that Otsuka Takeo will play Sudo Hikaru and Miyamoto Yume will play Higuchi Risa. Comments from the cast members and comments and illustrations from the author Yamada Kyuri have arrived.

“AI no Idenshi”, a near-futuristic omnibus that depicts the world where humans and AI coexist, is written by Yamada Kyuri and serialized in “Weekly Shonen Champion”.

While the rapid growth of AI from the 21st century contributes to society, it also casts a question to humans if they are willing to use machines with high intelligence. In the late 22nd century, where the story is set, humans accept “humanoids”, which are different from “Industrial AIs” and have human rights, and coexist with them without any doubt. Sudo Hikaru, a new type of doctor for humanoids, tries to face a “new disease” that the coexistence has brought about.

The 1st PV gives a glimpse of the world-view that AIs, which are living with humans, brought about. The voices of Sudo Hikaru (Otsuka Takeo) and Higuchi Risa (Miyamoto Yume) can also be heard.

Along with the cast members, the information about the staff has also been revealed; director will be Sato Yuzo (“Police in a Pod”, “Kaiji”) and animation production will be handled by MADHOUSE.

The official Twitter account is giving out a poster with a celebration illustration drawn by the author Yamada to commemorate the TV anime adaptation. Please stay tuned for further information about the TV anime “AI no Idenshi”.

<Full comments are below.>

Otsuka Takeo (Sudo Hikaru)

The story is very interesting as it depicts the issues that could arise in society where humans coexist with humanoids or robots from different aspects, and I also like thinking about it by myself. Although Sudo is difficult to express, if I were to explain him simply, he would be a reliable doctor. The manga has somewhat warm vibes, so I would like to deliver it in anime as well.

Miyamoto Yume (Higuchi Risa)

How do “humans” nurture love in the world where “humans” and “humanoids that resemble humans” coexist? This work made me reconsider about being connected with people with love. It’s getting harder for us to meet new people today, I want you to watch the anime as soon as possible! I personally like Sudo-sensei’s unique word choice. Please look forward to the broadcast!

Yamda Kyuri (Author)

“AI no Idenshi” is very uncommon as it’s an SF manga that is concluded with 1 episode with 16 pages. Tears, laughter, philosophical stories, and love comedies… Each volume is packed with a variety of futuristic stories. Such attractiveness is also squeezed into the anime with 12 episodes. You will surely find something new after every single episode, so please look forward to it!

(C) Yamada Kyuri (Akita Shoten) / AI no Idenshi Production Committee 2023