TV anime “Pokemon” is currently in the middle of the “Pokemon World Championship”, a competition to find the strongest pokemon trainer, and its final battle is about end on November 11, 2022 through the episode titled ‘Final IV “My Partner”’. The advanced scene cut for the episode has been released and the special news for “Pokemon World Championship” final game has arrived as well.

The competition began with the full battle, where each trainer uses 6 pokemon each, and Ash only has Pikachu left for his pokemon, while his opponent, Dante Giganta, maxed his best pokemon Charizard. Garar particles reacted extremely to the energy created from Z moves “10 million voltage” and “gigantic flame”. Perhaps sensing its growing power, the legendary Pokémon Mugendina appeared. The stadium is in an uproar over this unexpected and sudden visitor, but what is Mugendina’s purpose?

The battle between Ash and Dante is about to reach its climax. Ash fights together with his best and only partner Pikachu against Dante, who has Cinderace, flexible goal getter through his ability called libero and Charizard. Will Ash and Pikachu be able to carry the baton they received from their friends to victory?

The streaming of the “Live streaming! Ash vs. Dante Support Special” at Pokemon Official YouTube Channel on the same day has been decided. Together with Matsumaru Ryogo as MC, guests related with Pokemon will appear on the show. Do not miss this show to enjoy the final battle more live.

TV anime “Pokemon” is broadcast on TV Tokyo channels from 6:55 PM on Fridays. ‘Final IV “My Partner”’, the final battle for “Pokemon World Championships” will be broadcast on November 11, 2022.

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