Named “Chainsaw Man POP UP SHOP”, the pop-up store themed after the TV anime “Chainsaw Man” has opened in October 20, 2022, at the show-room “PARCO FACTORY” located on Tokyo Ikebukuro’s Parco on the 7th Floor.

Created by Fujimoto Tatsuki, the dark hero action manga “Chainsaw Man” is currently being serialized at the “Shonen Jump +”magazine, having sold over 16 million of copies so far.
The young Devil Hunter Genji lives together with Pochita, the “Chainsaw Devil”. While struggling poverty and trying to repay his father’s debt he ends up dying after an unexpected betrayal. On the brink of death, Denji makes a pact with Pochita resurrecting with a demon’s heart. Scouted by the anti-devil organization Public Safety Division, Denji devotes his life to hunting devils.

The “Chainsaw Man POP UP SHOP” features life-sized figures from the “Chainsaw Man” series which will be exhibited along with the ending themes from each episode. Designed by the studio behind the anime, goods such as “Character Acrylic Figure”, “Tin Badge”, “Acrylic Stand”, “Small Case”, and others, MAPPA will be available for purchase.

Located at the “PARCO FATORY” show-room inside the Tokyo Ikebukuro’s Parco mall, on the 7th floor, the “Chainsaw Man POP UP SHOP” will be open from October 20 until November 7. The entrance is free of charge, however during certain days the tickets will only bet available on a lottery-basis. Besides Ikebukuro, the pop-up store will be moving to Shizuoka, Fukuoka, Sendai, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Shinsaibashi. Further details are available at the store’s official website

(C)Fujimoto Tatsuki / Shueisha – MAPPA