“Animated ▽ (Heart) Yazawa Ai’s Exhibition Commemoration Stamp” consisting of the wonderful original LINE stamp by the manga artist Yazawa Ai, known for various popular works, such as “Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai”, “Neighborhood Story”, and “Nana”, have been released. It is currently available on the messenger app “LINE”.

The original art exhibition “All Time Best Yazawa Ai Exhibition” kicked off at Shinjuku Takashimaya’s Event Space, Tokyo In July 2022. It has received a positive feedback from the Tokyo and Osaka venue, and the situation at Yokohama Takashimaya’s Event Space, Kanagawa that will be held until October 10, is also great as it has numerous fans attending it every day. After this, it will be held in Okayama, Kyoto, and other places in Japan. This announced stamp was released to commemorate this exhibition.

“Animated ▽ (Heart) Yazawa Ai’s Exhibition Commemoration Stamp” features the co-appearance of popular characters of “Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai”, “Neighborhood Story”, “Kagen no Tsuki”, and “Nana” exceeding the boundary of their work, and this can only be realized due to the exhibition that gathers all the historical works of Yazawa. A single set contains a total of 16 stamps, and all the illustrations are drawn by Yazawa.

Do check out the superb quality on the touching up as special attention was paid on the animation movement to the finest detail. The legendary famous scenes, such as “Nana”‘s “Wazatodayo? (It’s on purpose)”, are being animated on the author’s original illustrations. Do have a look at the 16 types of enjoyable stamps that are fusions between “convenient” and “Yazawa-like” that can only be created by Yazawa, who loves to use the LINE stamps.

The LINE stamp “Animated ▽ (Heart) Yazawa Ai’s Exhibition Commemoration Stamp” is priced at 250 JPY (tax included) or 100 LINE coin for each set. The download is available at the “Stamp Shop” in the “LINE” app or on “LINE STORE”.

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Yazawa Ai

Thank you for your support every time, I’m Yazawa. I am on cloud nine as I am able to release the LINE stamps that I adored and wanted to draw , when the exhibition is still ongoing. Thank you very much! I worked on this as I dreamed of having a goods that can be obtained easily by anyone regardless of if they had attended, going to attend, or can’t attend the exhibition. But isn’t it a bit reckless to have it being animated despite it was my first time drawing it? I managed to complete after facing various slumps, but I felt that the creators of the stamps are amazing people! I respect you! It would make me feel grateful if you would use my inexpert debut stamp “Animated ▽ (Heart) Yazawa Ai’s Exhibition Commemoration Stamp”.

(C) Yazawa Comic Production/ Shueisha