Line stamps of the Molcars from the currently running anime “Pui Pui Molcar” are now available in the “Line Store”.

“Pui Pui Molcar” is the first TV anime series directed by the up-and-coming puppet anime creator Misato Tomoki. It drew a lot of attention since the show started and even trended on Twitter.

The first Line stamps from the series features the pop and cute faces of the Molcars with useful comments such as “Otsukaresama” and “Arigatou”. The lineup has a total of 40 stamps in which familiar Molcars like Potato and Shiromo are included.

Line stamps “Pui Pui Molcar” are priced at 250 JPY (tax included), and are available in the “Line Store”.

(C) Satomi Tomoki JGH, Shin-Ei Animation / Molcars