The broadcast date of season 6 and latest TV anime of “My Hero Academia”, “Paranormal Liberation War” will start on October 1. The key visual has also been unveiled.

“My Hero Academia” is based on the hero action manga by Horikoshi Kouhei that is currently being serialized on “Weekly Shonen Jump”.
The story takes place in the world where people with the extraordinary abilities, called “quirk” existed, and it depicts the growth of the main protagonist Midoriya Izuku aka Deku to become a hero as he faced the “Villain” that are using the “quirk” for evil, together with his classmates at the prestigious heroes educating school, UA High School.

The TV anime series started off in April 2016 with the first season, and a total of 5 season was broadcast. For the film series, the third film “World Heroes Mission” was released in 2021, and it had recorded a total of 2.44 million audiences with a box office revenue of 3.37 billion JPY.

The broadcast date of the season 6 was announced on the event “Hero Fest 2022” on July 24, which featured the heroes’ cast members from the anime.
The key visual of season 6 by the character designer, Umakoshi Yoshihiko was unveiled as well.

Season 6 will depict the greatest all-out war of “My Hero Academia” between the villain Shigaraki Tomura, who is the leader of the “Paranormal Liberation Front” with more than 110,000 members after taking control of the powerful “Meta Liberation Army”, and the heroes, including Endeavor, after knowing Shigaraki’s decision to “destroy everything”.
Do look forward to the broadcast for the battle and drama that will be unfolded in this season.

“My Hero Academia” season 6 “Paranormal Liberation War” will start broadcasting at 5:30 PM, October 1, on Yomiuri TV, and the nationwide 29 affiliated channels of Nippon TV.

(C) Horikoshi Kouhei/ Shueisha, My Hero Academia Production Committee