World Eggs, Inc. announced the establishment of “WONDER WAVE”, a business brand to create IP based on “Webtoon”, a vertically-read, full-color digital comic. In this business, the company will create fully-original, domestic “Webtoon” content which will be released sequentially.

World Eggs Inc. is a group of creators whose business domain is “to create stories”. The company aims to create new values by taking buried history and culture, areas that have not been illuminated, and social issues, and sublimating them into entertainment.

Their new project “WONDER WAVE” creates the company’s own IP based on “Webtoon,” a digital comic from South Korea optimized for smartphones, and develops fan marketing with multiple cross-contents including stories, music, and videos.
On top of that, the project includes various collaborations such as merchandise, aiming to “design a real social phenomenon” by not only attracting fans but also creating predilections to the theme of the work.

Three titles are currently under production for the launch: the historical fantasy “Akari no Moribito” (scheduled for release in August), the maritime fantasy “Blue Hunter” (scheduled for release in September), and the traditional fantasy “Latonia Saga” (scheduled for release in October)
For more information on “WONDER WAVE”, please wait for further announcements.

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