Twin Engine Inc., an animation planning and production company, has established two new companies, BUG FILMS Inc. and Scooter Films Inc. to strengthen its production pipeline with an eye on global expansion.

Twin Engine was established in 2014 by Yamamoto Koji, who led Fuji Television’s “Noitamina” for many years. The group has several animation studios and creative units, including Studio Colorido and Geno Studio, and is striving to create works with the philosophy of “creating the best entertainment that will change the life of ‘one person’ around the world.”

In addition to the establishment of BUG FILMS and Scooter Films, we have received comments from the representative directors of both companies.

<The full text of the comments is below>

Kojima Hiroaki, Representative Director, BUG FILMS Inc.

I established “BUG FILMS” with the desire to create “something that has value for the viewers.”
With countless video works being produced around the world on a daily basis, we will never chase after fads and will always challenge ourselves to create new expressions.

Harada Takuro, Representative Director, Scooter Films Inc.

I established Scooter Films with the concept of being a studio that can respond immediately to the demand for planning and production in Japan and overseas with the strength of brisk animation production using digital drawing. The name of the company, “SCOOTER,” is a reference to the studio’s characteristics of being “nimble” and “agile. The word “SCOOTER” also means “to start running” or “to run fast.”

In establishing the company, we received the transfer of the animation production division (W-Toon Studio) from DMM.futureworks Co., Ltd. and inherited the excellent production know-how and a team that the studio had cultivated over the years. As a result, we have a system in place that enables our best production as soon as it is established. From now on, as one of the Twin Engine group studios, we will focus more on the development of original projects and overseas expansion, emphasizing collaboration with excellent creators in Japan and abroad.

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