The Masters Tournament contestants for the “Pokémon World Championships”, a tournament to determine the strongest Pokémon battlers in the “Pokémon” anime series (broadcasting every Friday from 6:55 p.m.), have been chosen. Along with that, a new key visual with the “Masters Eight,” the top eight chosen trainers, was unveiled.

The contestants for the “Pokémon World Championships” are mighty opponents awaiting the main character Ash, who has defeated the overwhelmingly powerful Raihan in the Galar region and earned his long-cherished “Masters Eight” title.

The eight contestants are Leon, the current champion of the Pokémon World Championships and a superstar in the Galar region known worldwide as the “Invincible Leon”, followed by Cynthia, the 2nd place in the Master Class and the champion of Sinnoh, Steven, the 3rd place and the champion of Hoenn, Lance, the 4th place and the champion of Johto, Diantha, the 5th place and the champion of Kalos, Alain, the 6th place and the champion of the Kalos League, and Iris, the 7th place and the champion of Isshu. Finally, Ash, the 8th place, participates in the championships as the first champion of Aurora League.

In addition to champions from various regions such as Cynthia, Diantha, and Lance, other trainers from the past series such as Iris, who once traveled with Ash, and Alain, who has had many fierce battles with Ash, will come back in this series.
Who will win the “Pokémon World Championships” and be crowned the strongest Pokémon trainer? Be sure not to miss it.

The anime “Pokémon” is broadcast every Friday at 6:55 p.m. on TV Tokyo.

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