Starting broadcast on January 5, 2022 (Wed), the winter anime “In the Land of Leadale” released the synopsis and cutscenes from the first episode “An Inn, a Tower, a Bear, and a Banquet”.

“In the Land of Leadale” is an Elf Fantasy light novel series originally from the site “novel publishing website Shosetsuka ni Naro”.
Due to an unexpected accident the protagonist Kagami Keina is condemned to depend on constant life support in order to survive, and the only place she can be free is inside the VRMMORPG game, “Leadale”. After dying upon a sudden failure in her life support, she wakes up again into the world of “Leadale”, 200 years in the future.
Keina finds herself reborn as “Cayna”, the high-elf who possesses long forgotten skills and maxed out statuses, setting out to interact with “children” characters she created herself in the past, and other inhabitants of this world.

The first episode is titled “An Inn, a Tower, a Bear, and a Banquet”.
A young girl named Kagami Keina, permanently paralyzed and relying on constant life support after an accident, unexpectedly dies after the life support shuts down.
However, she finds herself reborn into the world of the VRMMORPG “Leadale” as her high-elf avatar “Cayna”. Yet, this world is quite different from the one she once knew…

“In the Land of Leadale” Episode 1 – “An Inn, a Tower, a Bear, and a Banquet” – airs at TOKYO MX on January 5, 2022.

Sun TV
From January 5, every Wednesday 00:00~
From January 5, every Wednesday 23:30~
KBS Kyoto
From January 6, every Thursday 00:30~
BS Japan TV
From January 6, every Thursday 00:30~
From January 6, every Wednesday 21:30~
From January 10, every Monday 9:30~
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Original Work: Geez (In the Land of Leadale / Kadokawa Publishing)
Original Illustration: Tenmaso
Direction: Yanase Masayuki
Series Planning: Fudeyasu Kazuyuki
Character Design: Masudate Toshihide, Kojima Eri, Deguchi Kaho
Sound Direction: Tsuchiya Masanori
Soundtrack: Yumemi Kujira
Opening Theme: “Happyencount” by TRUE
Ending Theme: “Hakoniwa no Kofuku” by Tadokoro Azusa
Animation: MAHOFILM
Production: Leadale Production Committee

Cayna: Yukimura Eri
Skargo: Ono Daisuke
Mai-Mai: Nazuka Kaori
Kartatz: Sugita Tomokazu
Kee: Otagiri Yui
Lytt: Yanagihara Kanako
Marelle: NAkamura Sakura
Luine: Hirose Yuki
Caerina: Tadokoro Azusa
Caerick: Takagi Tomoya

(C) 2021 Ceez, Tenmaso / KADOKAWA / Leadale Production Committee