The 1st key visual of “World of Leadale”, where the TV anime adaptation was just announced released, has been released. The key visual has depicted the high elf, Cayna and the daughter of the inn owner, Lytt.

“World of Leadale” is based on the same-name light novel written by Ceez and illustrated by Tenmaso.

Due to an accident, the young girl, “Kagami Keina” has to rely on the life-supporting system to stay alive and she is only able to move freely in the VRMMORPG “Leadale”. One day, she lost her life due to the failure of the life-supporting system.

However, Keina found that she is in the 200 years after “Leadale” when she woke up. Then, she interacts with the residents in the world as the high elf “Cayna” with the lost skill and over-limit status. The “children” that she once created were among the residents.

This is the start of the relaxing adventure of the young girl that reincarnated in the game world with the unique companions.

In the first key visual, the relaxing appearance of the high elf, Cayna, who possessed the cheat level strength after being reincarnated in the game world, and the daughter of the inn owner, Lytt, who respect Cayna as an “elder sister”, can be seen.

The broadcast date and the information on the cast members for the TV anime “World of Leadale” will be announced soon.

(C) 2021 Ceez, Tenmaso/ KADOKAWA/ Leadale Production Committee