From “Attack on Titan” comes aurora reflection masks designed with each corps’ emblem. Pre-orders are currently available on “BABY FAZE SHOP”.

The “‘Attack on Titan’ Aurora Reflection Mask” has 4 designs: “Survey Corps”, “Military Police Brigade”, “Garrison”, and “Training Corps”. Each comes in 2 colors: black and white.

Using the world’s patented “LIGHT FORCE” technology, the designs of each corps’ emblem are usually translucent and inconspicuous, but when photographed with smartphones and other devices with the “flash turned on”, they reflect aurora color.
The masks are made of high quality, Japan-made 93% polyester material that boasts excellent fit and protection.

“‘Attack on Titan’ Aurora Reflection Mask” is priced at 1,650 JPY each (tax included). The set of all 4 designs in black and white is priced at 6,160 JPY (tax included).

(C) Isayama Hajime, Kodansha / “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Production Committee