The first collaboration between “Gurren Lagann” and the smartphone game “Summons Board” is being held now. The familiar characters will appear in the game for a limited time period.

“Multi-dimensional Autumn Clothing, Yoko Littner” will be given by login into the game during the collaboration period along with the collaboration gacha featuring “The Core Drill’s Guy, Simon & Gurren Lagann”, “The Beauty Sniper Yoko”, and “The Tenacity Demon Leader, Kamina”.

Also, by collecting the event points “Team Gurren Flag” from the collaboration dungeon inspired by the work, the characters such as “Super Gurren Lagann, Simon & Kamina”, “1st Queen of the Beach, Nia”, and “Toward the surface, Gimmy & Darry” can be exchanged.
For the collaboration ranking battle, “The Captain of Eastern Human Eradication Army, Viral” will be given as the class reward.

The collaboration between “Gurren Lagann” and “Summons Board” will be held until 10:59 AM, November 11, 2021.
Also, as this is the first collaboration, the campaign of presenting the collaboration original goods is being held on Twitter. Kindly visit the official website for more information.

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