The 5th anniversary project of the stage play “Touken Ranbu” has started. A total of 8 past works will be screened at the theatre, and the project footage of the stage play “Touken Ranbu” and its official website have been unveiled.

The stage play “Touken Ranbu” is based on the PC’s browser and smartphone application game of “Touken Ranbu Online”, and this script and performance of this stage play is handled by Suemitsu Kenichi.
Starting from “Apocrypha: Honnouji Temple Ablaze” that was released in May 2016, a total of 11 stage plays were released.

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of the stage play “Touken Ranbu”, a total of 8 historical works were chosen to be screened. Along with the 5th anniversary project footage, the key visual of the 1st round, which is “Apocrypha: Honnouji Temple Ablaze” has been revealed. The audience novelty has also been decided.

After this 1st round, the other chosen works are “Canon: Dawn of the One-Eyed Dragon”, “Genesis: Tale of the Three Star Swords”, “Tenden: Aozora no Tsuwamono -Siege of Osaka Winter Campaign-“, “Muden: Yuukure no Samurai – Siege of Osaka Summer Campaign-“, “Hiden: Yui no Me no Hototogisu”, “Jiden: Hibi no Ha yo Chiruran”, and “Iden: Oboro no Shishitachi”. Detailed information such as the screening date will be announced soon.

Do experience the world of the latest stage play of “Touken Ranbu” on the big screen that can only be experience in the theatre.

【Work Information】
Stage Play “Touken Ranbu: Apocrypha: Honnouji Temple Ablaze”
3 Weeks Limited Screening from November 23, 2021 (Tuesday, Holiday)

(C) Stage Play “Touken Ranbu” Production Committee
(C) 2015 EXNOA