To commemorate the release of “Sumikko Gurashi the Movie: Aoi Tsukiyo no Mahou no Ko (lit. Magical Child at the Blue Moon Night)”, “Sumikko Gurashi Cafe” will be open for a limited period in Osaka from October 20, 2021, in Tokyo from October 21, and Aichi from November 11. Pleasant and healing cute menus and original goods have been developed for the collaboration cafe under the theme of “Sumikkos’ Night Party”.

The menus for “Sumikko Gurashi Cafe” include “Tokage’s Night Party Curry”, “Shirokuma’s Poka-Poka Warm Doria”, “Recommended for Five – Kids’ Lunch”, “Witches’ Party ~Acai Bowl~”, “Blue Moon Night Fruits Ponch”, and “Starry Drink”.

You can enjoy healing foods, desserts, and drinks filled with “cuteness” that have been developed to conform with the theme of the movie, in which a mysterious story unfolds at the blue moon night in the town where Sumikkos live.

Moreover, the cafe original goods include “Acrylic Key Chain”, “Luminescent Sticker”, “Acrylic Stand”, “Muddler”, “Mug”, “Drawstring Pouch”, “Highlighter Set of 3”, “A5 Clear Folder Set of 2”, and “Bandanna”.

Those who make a reservation in advance will be given one “Invitation Letter with Original Postcard” randomly from a total of 5 designs. The collaboration cafe will surely liven up “Sumikko Gurashi the Movie: Aoi Tsukiyo no Mahou no Ko”, which is scheduled to premiere on November 5.

“Sumikko Gurashi Cafe” will be open in Osaka (October 20 – December 5), Tokyo (October 21 – December 5), and Aichi (November 11 – December 12). Reservations can be made for 715 JPY (incl. tax) on the cafe’s official website. The online shop will also be open from noon on November 11, so if you live far from the venues, please take advantage of it.

“Sumikko Gurashi Cafe”
-Schedule / Venue-
■Tokyo: BOX cafe&space at Tokyo Solamachi (Former TOKYO BOX cafe&space at Tokyo Solamachi)
Thursday, October 21 – Sunday, December 5, 2021
Tokyo Skytree Town Soramachi 1F, 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

■Osaka, Shinsaibashi: kawara CAFE&DINING Shinsaibashi
Wednesday, October 20 – Sunday, December 5, 2021
Shinsaibashi Opa 9F, 1-1-2 Nishishinsaibashi Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

■Aichi, Nagoya: BOX cafe&space Nagoya LACHIC 1st Store (Former: NAGOYA BOX cafe&space A)
Thursday, November 11 – Sunday, December 12, 2021
Nagoya LACHIC B1F, 1-1-2 Sakae Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

・Reservation Fee: 650 JPY (excl. tax) / 715 JPY (incl. tax) *Reservation bonus included. *Up to 4 seats can be reserved per application.

◇Online Shop: Noon on Thursday, November 11 – 11:59 PM on Sunday, December 12

(C)2021 Sumikko Gurashi Association Film Department