Fall anime ‘Record of Ragnarok’ released the storyline and scene photos for episode 2 ‘Worthy Opponent’. The episode will start airing on Friday, October 8.

The original work of ‘Record of Ragnarok’ is a manga series of the same title that has been serialized on ‘Monthly Comic Zenon’ since 2018. With over 9M copies in circulation, the manga depicts 13 duels of humans against the gods to prove their worth of survival.

The title for episode 2 is ‘Worthy Opponent’.
The gods vs humanity death duel “Ragnarok” starts off with a duel between the strongest warlord of China, Lu Bu, and the strongest god of Norse Mythology, Thor.
Thor releases his killer move “Thor Hammer”, which has once beaten a group of titans with a single move.
While all the audience get a sense of certainty in Thor’s victory, Lu Bu makes a counter-blow under Brunhilde’s “secret plan” .

There will also be an audio commentary by Hikaru Midorikawa (Thor) and Yukihiro Nozuyama (Heimdall) with episode 2, so be sure not to miss it.

‘Record of Ragnarok’ episode 2 ‘Worthy Opponent’ will start airing on October 8, on TOKYO MX and other channels.

(C)Ajichika, Shinya Umemura, Takumi Fukui/Coamix