“Anime Hometown Tax”, a service to help solve the problem faced by the sacred place with the fan’s support, will be launched in mid-October 2021 by Anime Fund Co., Ltd.

“Anime Hometown Tax” will make use of the hometown tax mechanisms, where a part of the tax payable to the local government will be donated to the holy place, and any fan can join this service by paying 2,000 JPY.
In return, the fans will be given valuable anime gifts or the local products of the holy place that are limited to this service, and the local government of the anime holy place will use the donation for promotion purposes.

For the first lineup, there will be a collaboration project with two anime in their respective holy place by the local government during the release of the service.
Please visit the designated website for more information.

<Below are the full comments>

There is a thought of the production team working together with the local government of the anime’s setting to help improve the work.
There is also the wish of the local government to have fans visit the holy place by livening it up together with the anime.
However, there are two problems faced for such a large collaboration, which are “cost” and “manpower”.
The “cost” can be solved via the donation from the hometown tax by fans while the “manpower” will be solved with the support of our company.

“Article taken from Anime! Anime! Biz/ animeanime.biz”