The online live streaming of “Lapis Re:Lights Stars 1st Orchestra ‘LIGHT UP the MAGIC'” of the media mix project “Lapis Re:Lights” with the theme of “Magic X Idol” was held from September 4 to September 5, 2021 with a total of 3 performances. This article will report the first performance, Day.1.

“Lapis Re:Lights” is a project featuring the young witch apprentices using magic via the orchestra with the prepared spells & melody, and the bright sand & bright stone as the medium. To us, who are living in the modern world without any magic, it looks like an idol concert.

When the performance started, the AR of the bright sand glass and bright stones were shown at the top of the stage, which expressed the fantasy world setting of this work. This has hyped up the expectation toward the performance as the words “live” and “concert” can’t express the “orchestra” of the witch apprentices.

After the appearance scenes of each units (LiGHTs, IV KLORE, Kono Hana wa Otome, Sugar Pockets, Sadistic★Candy, and supernova) have ended, all the units performed the opening theme of the TV anime “Watashitachi no STARTRAIL” as the first song.

After that, it was “700,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 no Sorade” by LiGHTs, consisting of Anzai Yukari, Kubota Risa, Mukai Ribu, Saeki Iori, Yamamoto and Mizuki. The in-sync performance of the 5 people with the display of the linked fantastical light made it seem as if they were using magic.

LiGHTs was also in charge of the first unit’s MC session. They greeted everyone with “It has been a while, Sensei”, as the player will become a teacher and guide the witch apprentice in the smartphone game, where the pre-registration has started from September 6.

Saeki Iori (voice of Ashley) greeted in an Ashley-like manner, which was “Instructor, are you ready!?”, and in response, Anzai Yukari muttered “I should have greeted everyone as Tiara…”, which showed they are close to each other just like their character.

Also, there were a scene, where the performers are responding to the real-time audience comments that were reflected on the audience seat.

The next song is “Your Lights” by LiGHTs, and they pass the baton to “Sadistic★Candy”, consisting of Amemiya Yuka and Matsuda Risae, as they performed “Positive★Paradise”, “Vivi Love”, “Pink Iro no Donten”, and “Are Many Chance!!!”.

Among the songs, “Pink Iro no Donten” was only performed in this performance out of the 3 performances over the 2 days. Both of them sing it gracefully just like the song name with the pink and purple umbrella hanging upside on top of the stage.

During the MC parts, Amemiya Yuka showed a bright smile while looking at the audiences comments that were shown on the monitor of the audience seat, and said “It is as if we are able to hear the voice of the sensei”. Matsuda Risae then mentioned about the renewal clothing by saying “The length of the skirt is a bit shorter, but it shows off our leg length!” while appealing on it.

The 3rd unit is “Kono Hana wa Otome” consisting of Honizumi Rina, Suzuki Arisa, and Oono Yuuko. The atmosphere of the orchestra immediately changed during the performance of the Japanese rock song “Karakure*Night Fever” with the AR display of the lanterns and night sakura.

During the MC parts, when Oono Yuuko (voice of youngest sister of the three siblings, Kaede) pleases everyone with “Let’s have a fun festival together, big brother!”, Suzuki Arisa (voice of the eldest sister, Tsubaki) got excited and said “Oh, young sister! Oh, the worldwide fans of the young sister!”. They also had a talk where you could feel the bond of the three sisters.

After that, they performed “Asterism” and “Inochi Mijikashi, Ryouran Otome”. Then, the baton was passed to “Sugar Pockets” that consists of Hayase Yukimi, Hirose Seika, and Akao Hikaru, and their first song out of the 3 songs was “Wagamama Caramelize”.

As the song showed off a girlish cute aura that was quite nostalgic, the atmosphere of the orchestra has changed once again. As each of the units has their own proper specialty, so the audiences won’t get sick of it, but instead they are slowly being drawn into the world of magic.

At this point, the orchestra has entered the second half. The 5th unit is “IV KLORE” that consists of Hoshino Hazuki, Mineuchi Tomomi, Sasahara Yuu, and Nakayama Youko. The characters of this unit are comprised of myth creatures, such as succubus, werewolf, and ghost, and with the purple based clothing, they performed a total of 4 songs, including “Midnight Sapphire” that are sang in a jazz manner and charming manner.

During the MC parts, each of them showed off their character-like greeting, such as “Hello to all the loser teachers!” and “Ah! I thought you are just a grass…”. Then, some of the fans took that as a “reward” and commented back with “Thank you very much!”.

Then, the last unit to appear was “supernova” that consists of Sakuragi Yuu, Oku Saeko, and Itou Haruka. They had performed 3 songs, including danceable rock song “Ao no Shoudou” that is suitable for the setting of the “prided strength of Flora Girls Academy, where the witch apprentices are attending” of their character. On the other hand, during the MC, you were able to sense their friendliness, such as their first greeting of “We are, supernova!”, which ended up as an embarrassment as they weren’t able to be in-sync with each other.

After the performance of all the 6 units were finished, LiGHTs appeared on stage once again, and they performed “A.R.I.A” and “Planetarium” that were used frequently in the TV anime. As “Planetarium” is the ending theme of the TV anime, it gave off a sense of loneliness before the end of the happy moment . Then, then 120 minutes performance has ended with the last song of “Watashi no Na wa, Hikari.” by all the units.

One of famous quote of the science-fiction author Arthur Charles Clarke is “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”, but this fantastical performance with the usage of the AR technology will make you agree on that quote once again, and this will surely increase the expectation toward the new orchestra of the witch apprentice.

Set List of Lapis Re:Lights Stars 1st Orchestra “LIGHT UP the MAGIC” Day.1

M01. Overture “SKY FULL of MAGIC
M02. Lapis Re:Lights Stars “Watashitachi no STARTRAIL”
M03. LiGHTs “700,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 no Sorade”


M04. LiGHTs “Your Lights”
M05. Sadistic★Candy “Positive★Paradise”
M06. Sadistic★Candy “Vivi Love”


M07. Sadistic★Candy “Pink Iro no Donten”
M08. Sadistic★Candy “Are Many Chance!!!”
M09. Kono Hana wa Otome “Karakure*Night Fever”

<MC3(Kono Hana wa Otome)>

M10. Kono Hana wa Otome “Asterism”
M11. Kono Hana wa Otome “Inochi Mijikashi, Ryouran Otome”
M12. Sugar Pockets “Wagamama Caramelize”
M13. Sugar Pockets “#BFF”

<MC4(Sugar Pockets)>

M14. Sugar Pockets “Chat Noir”
M15. IV KLORE “Midnight Sapphire”
M16. IV KLORE “Butterfly”


M17. IV KLORE “Kokuan Glossolalia”
M18. IV KLORE “Kinki no Märchen”
M19. supernova “Ao no Shoudou”
M20. supernova “Trinity”


M21. supernova “RISE”
M22. LiGHTs “A.R.I.A”
M23. LiGHTs “Planetarium”
M24. Lapis Re:Lights Stars “Watashi no Na wa, Hikari.”

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