The TV anime “Jujutsu Kaisen” will have a collaboration with “Dydo Blend” by Dydo Drinco. The collaboration products will be on sale from October 4, 2021, for a limited period.

The target products for this collaboration are “Dydo Blend: Dydo Blend Coffee Original”, “Dydo Blend: Zeppin Bitou (lit. Excellent Trace-Sugar)”, and “Dydo Blend: Zeppin Café Au Lait”.
The designed packages will be available in 28 varieties with 22 characters including Itadori Yuji, Gojo Satoru, and Inumaki Toge.

For “Dydo Blend: Dydo Blend Coffee Original”, besides the main character, another character that has a close relationship with the main character will be designed on the other side, which means that you can enjoy 16 characters with 8 designs. Go grab some products to see these designs.

To commemorate this collaboration, a total of 15 varieties of newly drawn illustrations will be shown on the back side. The fans cannot miss them out.