Season 2 of the TV anime “Shadow House” has been confirmed and the teaser PV has been released.

“Shadow House” is based on the same-name manga by Soumatou that is currently being serialized on Shueisha’s “Weekly Young Jump”. Season 1 of the TV anime was broadcast in April 2021.
This is a gothic mystery story that expressed the charming and special world view through the interactions between the faceless “Shadows” and their attendant “Living Doll”.

Season 2 of this TV anime has been confirmed. Along with this announcement, the teaser PV with several new cut-scenes has been released.

Also, the cover of volume 4 of the Blu-ray and DVD that will be released on September 29, 2021 has been released, so do check it out if you are a fan.
Detailed information, such as the broadcast period, will be announced on the official website in the future.

■ “Shadow House” 4
Will be released on September 29, 2021 (Wednesday)
・Blu-ray Complete Limited Edition
7,700 JPY (tax included) ANZX-13257~13258
・DVD Complete Limited Edition
6,600 JPY (tax included) ANZB-13257~13258
Recording of Episode 7 and 8
Complete Limited Edition’s Novelties
・ Cover by the Character Designer, Kusakabe Chizuko (Portrait Style)
・Original Art and Setting Information Book
・Original 4P Manga by the Original Author Soumatou
・Original Illustration Card by the Original Author Soumatou
※The novelties might change.

■ “Shadow House” Special Streaming Event
The archive streaming of TV Anime “Shadow House” Special Streaming Event is currently on sale.
【Performers】Kito Akari, Sasahara Yuu, Sakai Koudai, Sakura Ayane, Kawashima Reiji, Shimoji Shimo, Hatano Wataru
Sale Period: Until 8:00 PM, September 17, 2021 (Friday)
Archive Viewing Period: Until 11:59 PM, September 17, 2021 (Friday)
Ticket Price: 3,800 JPY (tax included)

(C) Soumatou/ Shueisha, Shadow House Production Committee