As part of Hobby Stock planned product of “Laid-back Camp”, the canvas art, clear file, mini art board, fleece blanket, aluminum mestin, mestin case, and sierra cup case have been announced. Pre-orders are currently available on Hobby Stock Web Shop and other stores.

“Laid-back Camp Canvas Art Anime ver.” is a canvas art that was printed in high definition on the high quality canvas by Claessens, and it is suitable to be used as an interior design and display purpose.

“Laid-back Camp Clear File Anime ver.” is the A4 size clear file with the anime illustration.

“Laid-back Camp Mini Art Board Anime ver.” is mini art board that featured the birthday version anime illustration, and it is an item that you can enjoy collecting and using as a decoration.

“Laid-back Camp Fleece Blanket” has 2 types, the illustration by the original author, Afro and the anime illustration. The illustration is printed on the high quality 2way tricot fabric that has good coloring.

“Laid-back Camp Aluminum Mestin” is a mestin made from aluminum that is tough and good heat conductor, and it has a cute design, which makes you feel as if you could hear the voice of mestin when put over a fire.

Both “Laid-back Camp Mestin Case” and “Laid-back Camp Sierra Cup Case” has the image color of Shima Rin’s muffler and it has a stitched name ornament.

The price for canvas art is 3,850 JPY each, clear file is 440 JPY each, mini art board is 550 JPY each, fleece blanket is 5,500 JPY each, aluminum mestin is 3,850 JPY, mestin case and sierra cup case is 1,980 JPY each. All the price mentioned are including of tax. It is available on Hobby Stock Web Shop, nationwide hobby stores and anime stores, and other online stores.

(C) Afro, Houbunsha/ Outdoor Activities Committee