From “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” comes the “New School Term Stationery Series”. It consists of a total of 16 items, including a pencil case, pencils, and a desk pad, that will be released sequentially from mid-August 2021.

The lineup consists of the pencil, desk pad, the “Yokopita” pencil case series suitable for primary school students, and other items.
“Yokopita” is a pencil case that can be placed horizontally on the space of the Randoseru. Despite its compact size, it is able to store the necessary items for a primary school students (6 pencils, eraser, pen, 15 cm ruler, protractor, and set square).

The design depicts the main protagonist Tanjirou Kamado, and Rengoku Kyoujirou, a member of the Hashira, the highest ranking combatants in the Demon Slayer Corps, and other characters.

“New School Term Stationery Series” consists of a total of 16 items, and the price is ranged from 143 ~ 1,980 JPY (tax included)

【Product Info】
Series Name: “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” New School Term Stationery Series
Types: 16 types of items
– Compact Pencil Case Yokopita (7 designs)
– 2B Pencil Dozen DX (7 designs)
– 1B Pencil Dozen DX (1 design)
– 1B/ 2B/ 4B/ 6B Pencil (Set of 4) (1 Design Each)
– Red Pencil/ Red Blue Pencil (Set of 2) (1 Design Each)
– 12 Color Pencils, Matomaru-kun Eraser, 6 Pencil Caps, Right-handed Scissor, Glue (1 Design Each)
-Clear Desk Pad (7 designs)
-Key Case with Reel (7 designs)
Suggested Retail Price: 143 ~ 1,980 JPY (Tax excluded price 130 ~ 1,800 JPY)