E-commerce website SuperGroupies releases its 4th collaboration with the TV anime ‘Natsume’s Book of Friends’. The lineup includes a tote bag, wallet, and scarf, which all have a unisex design and daily versatility.

The tote bag features the appearance of cat ears and has a tag with an embossed design of Nyanko-sensei trying to climb over a fence. The tag also has embossed flowers, paw prints, and the anime title.

The belt closure keeps your personal items safe and prevents them from falling off. The pouch can be also used as a bag-in-bag, while it makes a great use by itself. The original textile used for the pouch is inspired by Nyanko-sensei’s forehead. The tote bag and the pouch are priced at 16500 JPY as a set.

Inside the folded wallet, you can also find an embossed design of Nyanko-sensei playing with flowers.

The wallet is priced at 13200 JPY. The inner design uses the same textile as the pouch in the bag, which makes which makes them look even more photogenic when used as a set.

Presenting different designs on the left and the right sides, the scarf allows you to enjoy different looks depending on the way you wear it. The base design features a nature-themed pattern with subtly-designed motifs of Nyanko-sensei, such as paw prints, and his initial “n”.

The right side features a stripe design inspired by the colors of Nyanko-sensei’s forehead. This item also has a fake leather tag with an embossed design of cute paw prints and Nyanko-sensei following a butterfly. The fringes on both ends of the scarf also feature the colors of Nyanko-sensei. The scarf is priced at 12100 JPY (all prices include tax).

Pre-orders will be available until 12:00, September 13. Delivery is scheduled for mid-December.

(C)Yuki Midorikawa, Hakusensha / ‘Natsume’s Book of Friends’ Production Committee