From “Natsume’s Book of Friends” comes the new products “Nyanko-sensei Asakusa Bunko L-shaped Mini Wallet” and “Nyanko-sensei Asakusa Bunko Card Case”. The products are made-to-order products, and pre-orders are currently available on nationwide Animate, Animate online shop, and movic online store.

“Nyanko-sensei Asakusa Bunko L-shaped Mini Wallet” and “Nyanko-sensei Asakusa Bunko Card Case” are products that are made out of the “Asakusa Bunko”‘s Bunko leather, which is hand-made one by one by the Yuzen craftsman of the Asakusabashi workshop.

“Asakusa Bunko”‘s Bunko leather is pure white tanned cowhide of Banshu Himeji decorated with colorful patterns and is created by the Yuzen mold and hand-painted Yuzen techniques.
Both the L-shaped wallet and card case comes with the design of the cute postures of Nyanko-sensei. It’s the perfect size for quick shopping and will surely be useful in the daily life.

The price for “Nyanko-sensei Asakusa Bunko L-shaped Mini Wallet” is 13,200 JPY (tax included) while the price for “Nyanko-sensei Asakusa Bunko Card Case” is 11,000 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders for both products are currently available until May 5, 2021, and the release date is scheduled for June 18.

(C) Midorikawa Yuki, Hakusensha/ “Natsume’s Book of Friends” Production Committee