The commemorative fair for the opening of the official shop “Nyanko-sensei Shop” of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” has been announced. It will be held at 11 Kiddy Land stores and at Kiddy Land Nyanko-sensei’s shop mail order from July 31 to August 29.

“Nyanko-sensei Shop” was opened in 2021 at the Osaka Umeda store and Amu Plaza Kumamoto store of Kiddy Land. In commemoration of this, the “Nyanko-sensei Shop” fair will offer a lineup of purchase benefits and new products.

Six new products will be available: “Flat Pouch (M / L)”, “Stainless Thermo Tumbler”, “Block Calendar”, “Maron Tote”, “Marche Bag”, and “Tote Bag”. All the products are designed with Nyanko-sensei and are ideal items for everyday use.
The price is 1,650 JPY for M of “Flat Pouch”, 1,980 JPY for L size, 2,860 JPY for “Stainless Thermo Tumbler”, 3,300 JPY for “Block Calendar”, 1,540 JPY for “Maron Tote”, 1,540 JPY for “Marche Bag”, “Tote bag” is 2,750 JPY (all including tax).

Featured products include Nyanko-sensei’s giant stuffed animal “Big Plush Toy / Grinning”, “Ball Chain Mascot”, “Gamaguchi”, and “Tissue Cover”.

In addition, “Trading Acrylic Key Chain (5 types)”, “Microfiber Cloth (2 patterns)”, “Mouse Pad (2 Patterns)”, “Can Badge (2 Patterns)”, “Acrylic Key Chain”, “Triple Nyanko-sensei Ball Chain Mascot set No. 1/2/3 (Takoyaki)”, ” Poke Mini Bottle 2 patterns”,” Reel Body Bag”, ” Kasaneru Tote Bag Mini”, “Kasaneru Backpack”, and other limited-edition products will be available in Kiddy Land.

An “original postcard” will be given as a store-only purchase bonus. If you purchase a product for 2,000 JPY or more including tax, you will receive a gift on a first-come, first-served basis.

When you purchase a product, it is handed to you in the “Nyanko-sensei Shop” shopper. Check out to the outstanding impact design with the large face of Nyanko-sensei.

(C) Midorikawa Yuki / Hakusensha / “Natsume’s Book of Friends” Production Committee
(C) Midorikawa Yuki / Hakusensha / Natsume’s Book of Friends Project