‘GAMDOL’, a new character project created under the theme of “idol x gamble” has launched. The project plans to release a wide range of contents, such as a voice drama and original theme songs.

‘GAMDOL’ is a character project that includes original songs, a voice drama, and live events by voice actors.
This project centers on “Gambét”, an idol group consists of five members: Sho Mikado (CV: Junta Terashima), Hibiki Tougou (CV: Shoya Chiba), LUKE (CV: Yuki Sakakihara), Yusei Kannagi (CV: Jin Ogasawara), and Rihito Kise (CV: Taito Ban). Character illustration is by CHIMOTA, script is by Ren Kanan, and world building is by Yanio Nakamura.

Set in Japan where the idol business has grown to be the core of the national economy, it shows the characters singing, dancing, and providing a magical world to the audience.
However, behind the bright stage with a spotlight, a deep darkness lies down in the industry. Betting their lives on, they throw themselves into the high competition in the industry to take their chances.

Along with the announcement, the official Twitter and the YouTube channel with a teaser video were launched. There will also be a live streaming on video community platform OPENREC. Further information will be made at a later date.