To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the movie “Spirited Away”, the latest product “Spirited Away The Festival of the Mysterious Village Series (4 types)” was released on nationwide Donguri Kyouwakoku shops and the online shop Sora no Ue on August 7, 2021 (Saturday).

With the concept of “What if there is a festival in the mysterious village that Chihiro wanders into…”, this is the Japanese trinkets series that has the marking of the display board and neon sign of the mysterious village on the textile.
The lineup consists of 4 types of Japanese trinkets, including drawstring pouch, Azuma bag, and purse with a metal clasp, which were created with the Shantung fabric that gives off the traditional Japanese atmosphere with the yellow as the inner fabric colour.
Each of the products will come with an original woven name that has the shape of the oil dealer’s lantern.

The other products, “Spirited Away Craftsman’s Towel The World of the Mysterious Village” (4,400 JPY, tax included) that expressed the messy neon of the mysterious village and No-Face recreated with the skilled craftsman techniques, and “Spirited Away Chururin Candy’s Hairband (4 types)”, a hairband that was inspired by the Chururin candy that might be sold at the festival, were released on the same day as well.

(C)Studio Ghibli